Online Tuitions – Are You Serious?

In schools many students have diverse learning abilities and are unable to keep pace with the education imparted as a single teacher teaches a minimum group of 20-30 students at the same time. A constraint to complete the course curriculum within the academic year compels these students to engage tutors who impart tuitions after school hours. These tuitions can be imparted by tutors through home visitations or through online tuitions. Online tuitions facilitate teaching of various subjects to students through e-learning products and materials. The main services offered are academic assistance to school students, Test Preparation and Application assistance. Online tuitions helps students’ learning and helps them develop conceptual clarity, apply these concepts in problem solving by practicing tests extensively and monitor performance through regular assessments conducted by the pedagogy.

Online tutions: Technology
There is an extensive use of technology to provide the best online tuition services to its students. An example of its technology is Mentoraide which enables students to be remotely tutored via computers in the conventional notebook and pen style. Mentoraide uses a whiteboard and stylus system in which both the teacher and the student can write on a digital whiteboard using a stylus pen which is akin to writing on a notebook. This enables the experience of online tuitions to be more real and natural.

Mentoraide provides the following benefits for online tuitions: In Math tuitions, each student and his tutor interact one-on-one over an online whiteboard, where both can write (using a stylus pen) just as they would on a real whiteboard. The tutor will guide the learner during the problem solving stage at each step of developing his clarity. This enables the student to solve successive similar problems independently

Mentoring: Apart from a tutor teaching the student and assessing his development, an independent mentor can be provided who tracks progress of up to 30 students in each program. The mentor reviews the tutoring sessions and spots learning difficulties of the student by observing and monitoring his class activities and assessment scores. The mentor also conducts customized tests of students to evaluate their learning stage.

MathRating: MathRating is a rating and reward system for a student and indicates the student’s development in learning Math by quantifying the progress made by students through an objective analysis of his performance. The mentor is responsible for ensuring a good score on MathRating by each student.

The above technology is just one of the examples of how online tuitions provide great benefits in areas of learning, performance assessment and overall development of the student within a given time period. Every such online tuition provider optimizes its technology and resources in the best possible manner to become a leading online tuition service provider of the country.

Content for online tuitions
A holistic approach is needed to use online tuitions effectively for a student’s overall learning requirement. Various forms of teaching are used to enable a student to achieve excellent academic scores. These teaching styles may vary from collaborative learning, fun filled activities to enable active participation and individual mentoring and guidance for customized teaching. The teaching process should include:

1. Objective-Student and tutor identify the aim and purpose of the session

2. Material Required- The tutor recommends learning material that is required by the student

3. Procedure- The tutor is also provided with teaching material and instructions to facilitate ease of imparting knowledge as per the student’s capabilities

4. Assessment and Evaluation- The tutor is provided criteria for assessment and evaluation to assess the progress of the students.

5. Student Sheet-Data sheet and worksheet are used to evaluate the student’s grasp of education imparted by the tutor

Teaching tools and guides for pedagogy
Online tuition is made more effective by providing the necessary tools and material to its tutors for imparting the best education to their students. To facilitate this, technology led solutions are used to assist tutors in instructing and enabling effective problem solving. It helps tutors to address some of the following challenges that they face in their daily teaching practices:

1. To ensure that every student is developing his learning and comprehension skills in spite of having a unique learning style

2. To engage the student while learning and establish interest in the curriculum

3. To teach abstract or complex concepts that are difficult to grasp by students

4. To enable a creative and an open mind for students to move to higher level of thinking

5. To instantly and continuously assess the student’s learning ability and identify areas of student strength and weakness in order to customize teaching process

While addressing the above challenges of tutors in online tuitions, teaching material and guide tools are developed that enable tutors to impart education and monitor student results effectively.

Teaching material for online Tuitions
To provide the best online tuition experience to its students digital instruction materials are used that are designed to achieve excellence in every curriculum chosen by the students. It seeks to support academicians through computer aided learning materials, modular content and online learning environments. The teaching material is continuously developed and populated through inter school collaboration, pedagogy support and alliances with independent content developers.
The teaching material consists of curriculum specific modules built with an Instructor led design that allows the teacher to effectively transact the lesson in a typical classroom of diverse set of learners. The modules are embedded in a template that allow the teachers to teach a chosen lesson in class, frame by frame, with engaging and instructionally sound animated set of visuals while retaining complete control on the pace of delivery .

One of the more successful companies which provide online tuitions is Learning Hour.

Learning Hour is an online, educational-assistance portal that offers a complete suite of assistance services to students in India and across the world.

The salient features of Learning hour’s instruction modules are as follows:

1. Highly Animated and very little text to enable interest based learning and active participation
2. Option to turn off the voiceover to allow teaches to use discuss live with students
3. Logical breaks after every 10-15 seconds to allow teachers to pause and engage the classroom and provide additional inputs.
4. Instructionally designed to allow the content to adapt to the teachers teaching style.
5. Aligned to content standards of the school – thus exactly as per the curriculum.