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Luggage Travel – Facts You Don’t Know

Lightweight luggage to me is always like a reliable travel mate. My luggage has saved a lot of troubles and problems. As a business person, I have to travel from city to city with my travel luggage, carrying a laptop, business files and other important documents. My lightweight luggage has accomplished numerous trips but is still in good shape. Actually, picking a quality piece of lightweight luggage is no big deal. Yet, even the strongest luggage might have a chance to fall apart under the mistreatment of the airport. So as a senior lightweight luggage user, I have a few words to say to convey the true all-round image that may help starter travelers make their decisions.

1. Ultra lightweight next-to-nothing? Not really,

The airlines are placing stricter restrictions on the weight of the carry-on luggage. This virtually means if you have a lighter luggage, you can hold more than others. Luggage in lightweight design is usually constructed with light materials such as Nylon and its various manifestations. The honeycomb frame also contributes to the lightness in weight without any sacrifice to durability. The two factors are crucial to a lightweight luggage. You may want to know the real differences by comparing the specs of the two pieces of luggage. I have ever tested both of them.

Product 1: Travelpro Crew 6 19in. Rollaboard ($109.95; 19″ x 14″ x 9″; 8.4 lbs; LIMITED Warranty)

Porduct 2: Titan 360° FOUR Flash 19in. International ($359.95; 19″ x 14″ x 9″; 7.2 lbs; FULL Lifetime Warranty)

Not difficult to figure out how much more expensive a lightweight luggage is, while no dramatic drop in weight of the same size. But for me, the 0.8 lbs’ save is quite useful to escape the punishments of overweight luggage. Not just for the money, but for the sake of time. I don’t have to wait to fill in the forms. Instead, easily pass through the security door as everything could be that simple.

2. Classy looks and compact style

When I am on the road, I would travel in my best rather than look nothin’ but in grey. When choosing the luggage, another factor I take into consideration is its look and design. The luggage should not be the most expensive, but it must meet the image I want my business partners to see. A lightweight luggage has compact and classy finish that may light up the journey. More words on the style: in fact, I have received many discounts and VIP treatments at the reception desks of hotels, airports, and other places where the compact image makes me look important.

3. No-Matter-What Lifetime Warranty V.S. Limited Lifetime Warranty

You may first easily find out the price contrast between the two pieces listed above. But wait a second, the money you spent actually goes to the life-time warranty. It is still embracing to recall the travel experience to Thailand last summer. The wheels on my lightweight fell apart when crashed onto the corner of the entrance at the airport. This caused a great trouble as I have no spare luggage at hand. When I get back home, I called the luggage producer and require a repair. And they replaced the wheels free of charge!

4. Downsides:

Yes, a lightweight luggage is not always affordable. If you are a budget traveler or short trip plane rider, you don’t have to break the bank for a lightweight luggage that is only a few lbs lighter than the general. And don’t rely too much on a lightweight, or you will be disappointed when you find the luggage you received is not as light as advertised on the web. One side note is lightweight luggage might sacrifice to durability more or less. Therefore, see the whole picture about lightweight luggage before you make your decisions.